About Tinnitus

Between 10-15% of the adult population suffer from the jarring effects of tinnitus, the health condition characterized by unnatural noises in the ear. Most commonly, it is described as “ringing in the ears”, but just as often the extraneous sound may be a roaring, whistling, hissing or other annoying noise.

A great number of tinnitus sufferers experience symptoms continuously and so severely that the condition produces debilitating effects on their lives. Others experience tinnitus only intermittently, but their quality of life often is affected seriously.

In many cases, tinnitus is a symptom of other medical problems ranging from ear infections to wax build-up, hearing loss, drug reactions, head trauma, misaligned jaws, tumors, and vascular problems, as well as anxiety/depression and other psychological disorders.

It is a general misconception that there is no successful treatment for tinnitus. As increasing numbers of patients are helped by the Tinnitus Phase-Out™ system, it is likely that this perception will change.

“I’d tried all things available and nothing had worked. After three treatment sessions with the Phase-Out™ System, I was offered a home treatment system, and after listening to this for half an hour at a time, my tinnitus disappears for up to five days. My life has been totally transformed.”

— Mr M McMenamin, London, UK